Body Firm Boot Camp FAQ: Maps-Times-Info

All locations: Bring with you- Towel, Bottle of Water, a Mat, and a great Attitude!

These Camps are designed to get you in shape no matter what your current condition. Exercises and intensity are adjusted to different fitness levels.


No one get’s left behind!

There’s a detailed FAQ below the Maps-keep going!

Safe, fun and effective training with nutrition support, rapid fat loss exercise, first class coaching, and awesome group support.

Questions? Call 817.320.0743

Fort Worth Boot Camp

Times/Location: Inursha Fitness 525 Bailey Ave. Fort Worth 76107 (corner of 4th Street and Bailey)

6:00am Mon/Wed./Fri.

5:45pm Mon/Wed./Thu.

9:30am Sat.

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Hurst/ Colleyville Boot Camp

Times/Location (call ahead 817.320.0743)

5am Mon./ Wed./Fri.

9:30am Mon./Wed./Fri.

Excel Academy of Tae-Kwon-Do- 153 W. Harwood Rd. Hurst 76054 (Southwest corner of Norwood and Harwood)

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6pm – M/W/Th

Chisolm Park-Hurst-2200 Norwood Dr  Hurst, TX 76054

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Boot Camp FAQ

What do I need to bring to Bootcamp?

You need to bring one set of dumbbells 15-25 lbs,  a towel or exercise mat, athletic shoes (if indoors you need a clean indoor pair of shoes), a water bottle, and a sense of adventure and positive attitude.

What type of dumbbells do I need?

It isn’t really important the exact kind, but please label them because we will be sharing them and using different weights depending on the exercise.  If you don’t have any dbs, ask your friends.  If you still can’t find any, you can get them at any sports store for about $1/lb.

What kind of people go to camp?

People just like you! Some of our boot campers just need to jump start their fitness and wellness program. Some are tired of the same old workout routine and are looking for a new challenge and refreshing way to stay fit. Most of our campers have some history of exercise, but it’s not required. We make the program just right for your ability level.  If you have severe knee or hip problems which makes things like slow jogging and squatting painful, bootcamps might not be for you. Remember, ALL FITNESS LEVELS ARE ACCEPTED and ENCOURAGED TO TRY!

What is a typical day like at boot camp?

We don’t have typical days — if you want the same routine day after day, then you would probably want to join a fitness center. You can expect a mixture of resistance training using equipment such as jump ropes, medicine balls, playgrounds, bodyweight, and dumbbells.  Some sort of cardiovascular training will be done each day as well. Each day is designed to be fun and different, but never boring!

What if I have never lifted weights?

Many of the bootcampers have no prior weight training experience.  Our high level trainers will break down each movement and correct for to ensure that you are doing it right.

Will I be sore?

YES!! Many boot campers feel some soreness for the first 3-5 days. After that, it is slight to moderate. It’s all part of the process of improving your physical condition!  Many bootcampers enjoy being sore and are disappointed when they don’t feel they got sore enough.

How soon will I see results?

Performance improvement can take place in as little as 3 days. Visual improvement can take from 2 to 4 weeks depending on your effort level. It’s not uncommon to see as much as 2-5 pounds of weight loss after the first week, weeks 4-6 you start to notice clothes fitting better, increased energy, and less fat jiggling around!

What happens if it rains?

Body Firm Boot Camps are rain or shine!  So come dressed appropriately.  If it is raining, we will probably work out in an outdoor covered area.  If there is severe weather we would cancel 90 minutes before class.  Just check the bootcamp website and look for a large sentence on the top of the main page.  If there is bad weather in the winter, we will post on the home page of this site 1 hour prior to it starting if we decide to cancel it due to safety.

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Boot Camps run between 45 and 60 min.
Morning camps closer to 45 because people need to go. Evenings closer to 60.


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