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We have recently changed our pricing options to make things even better for you! We no longer restrict where you go to workout! That is right, you can go to any of our locations and don’t need to let us know ahead of time. Come to every camp every day all week if you would like. We are committed to giving you the results you deserve and this is just one more way of doing so!

-Each camp is 45 minutes long

-Bring water bottle, mat or towel, and 1 set of dumbells (10-25 lbs)

-There are no start and stop dates. (run continuously)

-Sign up the day before you start your  camp and bring your receipt with you.

-After joining, you must let us know 7 days before your next month starts if you decide you aren’t going to continue. If you don’t let us know, we will assume you will continue and you will be billed for the following month, 30 days after your initial purchase. This also applies to all programs.

3 Month VIP Unlimited Membership $149/Month**


6 Month VIP Unlimited Membership $129/Month**


12 Month VIP Unlimited Membership $99/Month**

12 Month VIP Boot Camp (Best Deal):  This is a one year commitment at the $99/month price.  You will receive the 13th month free AND after the 13th month you will be locked in to 99/month for as long as you would like.  Also you will get special bonuses like occasional dinners and outings with the trainers. Here’s that link again=>

The Fine Print-Be Sure to Read Everything Below.

*You will get billed $149 each month until you let us know that you are done or you want to switch over to a 6 month membership where you will save $20/month

 **You will get billed $129 each month, when you finish with the 6 months and want to continue, you will continue to be billed $129/month, but be under no contract.

 Loop Hole! We will allow you to at any point before the 6 month contract is over to opt out, by paying the difference between the 1 month and the 6 month memberships. For example, if after 2 months on the 6 month plan you decide to stop, you will just have to pay the difference ($50 X 2 Months = $100). This loop hole makes it an easy decision to sign up for the six month instead of just one month at a time.

Warning Rapid Results Boot Camp Has Been Proven to Cause Rapid Weight Loss, Tightening and Toning, More Energy, Better Sleep and Increased Self-Confidence!

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