Fort Worth Boot Camp Success Stories

Michelle Gumm-26, Special Ed Teacher, North Richland Hills

Kim Spears- 37, Advertising and Public Relations Executive, Fort Worth

Tina Spence- 37, Hair Stylist, Bedford

Stephanie Fintzel- 25, Entertainment Industry, Arlington

Tracy Hernandez- 39, National Accounts Manager, Fort Worth

Jessalyn Kastner-24, Phd student, Fort Worth

Kristina Vasquez- 32, Construction, Fort Worth

Tony Vasquez- 39, Real Estate Agent, Fort Worth

Suzy Dieth- 34, Senior Business Analyst, Fort Worth

Casey Babeneaux- 25, Oil and Gas Industry, Fort Worth

Krystal Lewis- 31, Account Executive, Fort Worth

I’ve lost a total of 32lbs and have gone from a size 12 to a 4! This program isn’t like anything I’ve ever tried before. It’s better and it works!”

“I wanted to shop again. I wanted to go out with my friends and not feel like the fat girl at the table. I tried to do it on my own but I quit the gym and got even heavier than I’ve ever been. My original goal was to lose weight and firm back up again.

After just 8 weeks I was down 10lbs and 9ins! I’d hit my goal 4 weeks early.

So I knew this program was working.  I’ve lost a total of 32lbs and have gone from a size 12 to a 4!

This program isn’t like anything I’ve ever tried before. It’s better and it works! I just bought a dress today that’s a size smaller than anything I’ve worn in the last 10 years and that’s huge to me.”

-Tracy Minter, age 43, Homemaker, Bedford

“I’ve lost 42lbs and went from a size 16 to a size 8! It’s a great experience!”

“ My primary goals was to lose 30lbs to feel better in my own skin and just to look better. My moment came when I saw some vacation pictures of myself. It was so depressing to buy clothes for that trip to Disney. Every picture looks the same. It’s me but it’s not me. I was bigger than I ever realized. I realized had just gotten huge! I got engaged and I knew I didn’t want to deal with my weight anymore.

I first noticed the program in the first month. I saw it on the scale then literally I woke up one morning 4 weeks into it and my pants were too big! It was like it happened overnight. After that every day I just felt smaller and smaller.

I’ve lost 42lbs and went from a size 16 to a size 8. My bodyfat has dropped from 41% to 30%!

I love working with my trainer. He’s protective of me and at the same time he pushes me. I know my time spent here is going to be very productive. I’ve been able to get  these results with 3 hours or less off exercise per week!

Being overweight was on my mind all the time. I was consumed by it. I felt horrible about how I looked. But you use every excuse in the book not to do it. But then something wakes you up like those pictures from Disney did to me.

Not being motivated is just not an excuse. You have to realize there’s always going to be something. It’s the money, or the time or the discomfort. There’s always going to be something holding you back. You just have to do it. Even if everything isn’t perfect you just have to do it. So do it.”

-Shelley Smith, age 39, Technical Claims Specialist, Bedford

“After 5 months I’ve dropped 27lbs, and 11ins and went from a size 8 to a 0! If you’re at your heaviest like I was you need to do this for yourself now.”

“At just 26 I went past 150 pounds and I just seemed to keep packing on the pounds. I wanted to take care of this problem and get ready for my upcoming wedding . I’ve had personal trainers and personal training wasn’t working because there was no nutrition aspect. I’ve even had gym memberships for years that I just never used.

Right away I knew the camp was working. After the first 2 weeks I’d dropped 5lbs, and I finally felt in control again.

Now after 5 months I’ve dropped 27lbs, and 11ins and went from a size 8 to a 0!

If you’re at your heaviest like I was you need to do this for yourself now.”

- Michelle Gumm, age 26, Special Ed Teacher, North Richland Hills

“I wanted to lose weight for my sisters wedding and I needed to get in shape. I’d tried to lose weight by dieting and random stuff in the gym and it was not working for me. I needed to learn how to eat and start some exercise.

In just 12 weeks I’ve lost 20 pounds and 9inches overall! I started out the camp with 2 friends and that made it less scary. Pretty soon I felt really comfortable and love being with a group. Working out with others makes it seem less hard and definitely motivates me during the training. ”

-Itzel Pena, age 25, Researcher, Fort Worth

I Dropped 15lbs and 15ins, 5ins off my hips and 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks!

“My moment came when me and some friends were looking at some group pictures we had taken. I looked at those pictures and I looked awful. I didn’t even recognize the person, in those pictures. I knew something needed to changes.

I tried it on my own and that just didn’t work at all.

I decided to get some results I needed a coach and some accountability. That’s when I joined The Body Firm. In just the first 6 weeks I’ve lost 15 lbs, 5ins off my hips and 2 dress sizes!

Doing it on my own was just frustrating. This program has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I highly recommend it to anyone ready for a change.”

-Carla Freeman, Age 25, Law Student, Fort Worth

“I’ve lost 17lbs and 16ins in less than 12 weeks!”

“I’ve never really been in good shape. After the birth of my second child I decided I wanted to get into shape. I’ve had gym memberships in the past but I’d never go because I didn’t really know what I was doing.I really wanted someone to help kick-start me to do it.

I love the rigor. I love the accountability. I love the fact that I know you guys are looking for me. After the first two weeks I could really see a difference. I dropped 5 pounds in the first two weeks and started to see some definition really fast. And I was just feeling better. Eating better and getting active just made me feel better.

In the last 12 Weeks I’ve lost 17lbs, 16ins and my bodyfat dropped from 32% to 23%. I’m back into my pre-baby clothes, and they’re loose! I feel better about myself, I have more confidence in myself. I have the energy to keep up with my two kids. No more back pain when I stand up with the baby either.

I was really concerned about the money. But my husband and I agree this is the best decision we’ve made. You could get a gym membership for less but the fact is you’re not going to use it. The coaching and support here makes all the difference. The pay-off is huge!”

-Christina, age 31, Mom of two, Fort Worth

Janet Dropped Over 150lbs and 6 Dress Sizes!

“I’ve been overweight all my life. I’d gotten close to 300lbs. After taking care of my parents who are in ill health I decided I needed to do something. I started a walking program and started to feel better. I decided to turn it up a notch and contacted Dave at The Body Firm. I was afraid I was too old, too out of shape that I couldn’t afford it. He told me I could do this and I believed him.

Over the course of the first month I’d lost 20lbs. I just kept at it and steadily lost weight. Pretty soon after about 30lbs my clothes didn’t fit anymore.

I’ve been a client now for 2 years. I started out close to 300lbs and currently I weigh 165. I’ve lost too many dress sizes to count. I can’t believe the things I can do now and how good I feel every day.

If you’re where I was overweight and miserable this is for you. The program and trainers help you and support you and its realistic. I never thought I’d be where I am today and feel so good and I love it.”

-Janet, age 52, Registered Pediatric Nurse, Fort Worth

Dropped 25lbs and 7ins off his waist!

“My original goal was to lose 10 or 12lbs and get back into shape. I’d been in shape before and a few years had gotten by. As I got older I just started getting tired and I didn’t like it. I was still healthy but I was tired when I got up in the morning and tired when I went o bed. I knew I didn’t want to feel that way anymore.

My initial reaction was I remembered what it was like to get back into shape. I saw results within the first week or two. It’s great being a guy.

I’ve dropped 25lbs and 7ins off my week. I’ve had to but new pants twice!

I forget how much I’ve accomplished then I’ll go to the lake and friends I haven’t seen in a while can’t believe it’s me!

I get up and meet my trainer in the morning. By the time I hit the office I’m wide awake and I’m so much more productive. I just fell so much better all day. I have more energy and I’m able to think more clearly.

I tell people to stop making excuses. You have the time because we all have the same 24 hours a day. You have to make the time for this but the rewards are so worth it.”

-John, Age 47, CPA, Arlington

“I’ve lost 2 Dress Sizes and I’m more toned than ever before”

“ I wanted to shrink and get back into some smaller dress sizes. I wanted to get back to my size I had before two babies. I talked to Dave and he said he thought we could do that in about 12 weeks. And it’s happened.

I’ve lost 2 dress sizes just like I wanted. I’m smaller and firmer than I’ve ever been. This has been completely worth it. I feel so much better and I love the way I look.

I’m able to do so much more physically than I ever thought I could have. I’ve ran in a Mud Run with some girlfriends now and I even flew to France to run in a Marathon. This has opened up a lot of things for me to do I wouldn’t have done otherwise.

I believe in it so much I have my 13 year old daughter training with me now too.

If you want to lose weight and get in shape quickly I can’t recommend this program for you enough”

-Kristen, Age 39, Hospital Executive, Aledo

“I’ve lost 32 pounds and 23 inches and 7 ins in my hips alone. Now I’m training for a marathon!”

-Kristen Sutton, Age 35, Registered Nurse, Arlington

“I lost 15 pounds and toned-up just in time for my wedding”

“ I decided I needed to lose some weight when I was trying on wedding dresses. The number on the size of the dress wasn’t something that I’d ever tried on before. I decided enough was enough. I got a hold of The Body Firm to take care of this problem.

So far I’ve lost 15lbs and I’m more toned than I’ve ever been. I’ve lost the belly fat and I’m bikini ready for my honeymoon!

The workouts were always different and it was great to not have to think about it. I just showed up did my best and that was it.

I was skeptical about the nutrition and diet. I didn’t think I ate that bad but I was wrong. They told me 85% of my results would come from my diet and I’ve learned how and what to eat now.

My grades this year were better than they’ve ever been because of the stress relief training gave me. I sleep better. My blood work came back normal. And I’ve had to buy all new pants because nothing fits anymore. People tell me I look like I’ve lost weight and I feel so much better.

Thanks for making me hot!”

-Megan Shannon, Age 25, Medical Student, Fort Worth

“I’ve lost 7lbs and 5ins, I’m Lighter, Smaller, Faster and Stronger. I’m in the best shape of my life!”

“I’ve been active my whole life. I’ve been an athlete and in the military kept me in shape.

I hired a trainer that looked great but he didn’t do anything for me. I’ve tried every diet out there. I even took a nutrition class to figure all this out. With all that I couldn’t lose fat or run faster like I wanted to.

By my second month I looked down at my legs and couldn’t believe how toned my legs looked. My run times kept getting faster. I couldn’t believe how different I felt running. I didn’t feel the fatigue or the pain I had in the past. I recovered so quickly too it made training fun!

So far I’ve lost 7lbs and a total of 5ins overall. Those numbers don’t seem big, but they’re huge for someone like me who’s stayed in good shape.

There’s no way to get results like this on your own. The quality of training and nutrition at The Body Firm has blown me away. This has been completely worth everything I’ve invested. If you want to be with the best of the best this is the place to be.”

-Rachel Morgan, age 25, Database Programmer, Fort Worth

“Sally has dropped 36lbs and 21inches overall. She’s in the best shape of here life!”

-Sally Joslin, Age 48, Aledo, Educator

“I’ve ditched 25lbs and dropped 8 inches off my waist.”

-Stephen Poole, Age 34, Executive Director, Fort Worth